Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aero Telemetry's new Shock Absorber Landing Gear for UAV's

In-house designed shock absorbing Landing Gear Suspension System for #UAV's in rough terrain environment. Rebound-damped, with adjustable ride height and spring rates!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Designing the XF-11

Completing the XF-11 airplane in less than 3 months proved to be one of the biggest challenges for the Aero Telemetry team.  Joe and his team had to design, build, and test a custom set of hydraulic, retractable landing gear, fabricate an ultra-strong airframe, coordinate a complex airborne flight control system, and integrate all of these systems seamlessly to overcome the aerodynamic stresses of high speed and heavy payload.

The primary scale models for The Aviator were the Aero Telemetry XF-11 and the H-4 Hercules or Spruce Goose. Both of these airplanes would be designed and fabricated over a period of 3 months by Joe Bok and his Aero Telemetry team. At the time, they were the worlds largest (unmanned) flyable scale aircraft ever flown for a big budget Hollywood movie.

The aerodynamic profile of the wing, engine thrust-lines, CG location, main airfoil angle of attack, incidence angles (between wing and horizontal stabilizer), counter-rotating propellers, and vertical stabilizer offset angles were just a few of the critical design criteria addressed and implemented correctly by the Aero Telemetry engineering design team. All these specific details contributed directly to the success and margin of safety exemplified in all the flights of the Aero Telemetry XF-11.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10 Year Anniversary H-1 Racer - Mystery Mesa

10th Anniversary fo the Aero Telemetry's H-1 Racer flight at Mystery Mesa for the Academy Award winning film The Aviator.  11-17-13

10 Year Anniversary H-1 Racer - El Mirage

Making aviation history with our H-1 Racer built for the movie The Aviator. 10 Year anniversary of the first flight at El Mirage Dry Lake Bed. 11-4-13

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Unique Model Aviation Covers

The AMA included Aero Telemetry's cover as one of the Top Ten Unique Model Aviation Covers. You can view the full list here. http://amablog.modelaircraft.org/modelaviation/2013/10/07/10-unique-model-aviation-covers/

July 2005

Martin Scorsese utilized model airplanes to achieve realistic flight scenes for his hit movie The Aviator. He contracted Aero Telemetry—a company owned by AMA member Joe Bock—to design, construct, and operate models of Howard Hughes’ airplanes on camera. This issue contains the first of three articles about how Joe and his crew successfully completed the project.
On the cover, Joe and fellow crew member John Keefe load up the Hughes H-1 racer after its record-setting flights during filming for the movie.
Read the full issue at https://library.modelaviation.com/ma/2005/7/1