Wednesday, October 21, 2015

USC Engineering School Alumni Profile

“My real-world experiences as a pilot and aerospace engineer give me a specifically unique perspective when designing unmanned air vehicles and systems for airplanes. The really great part is being able to truly appreciate airplanes and aircraft engine designs not only for their historic and aesthetic value, but also as a clear manifestation of functional art.”

— Joseph Bok, B.S. AE ’85, M.S. '99; CEO, Aero Telemetry, Inc.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Aero Telemetry's WWI Kettering Bug full size replica

Initially commissioned for a History Channel Television Show commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I, the full-size replica of the Kettering Bug will now be the subject of an intense one-hour TV documentary that will feature the various aspects of the airplanes design, it’s secretive military history, the famous people behind the development, and the airplane’s contribution to the advancement of early aviation technology.

The background and technical details of the Kettering Bug have been meticulously researched for historical accuracy and re-designed with many of the same materials and techniques that were used to build the original. In commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of WWI, this amazing full-size replica is being prepared for its first flight by Joe Bok and his Aero Telemetry Team.